The International Institute of the Bengal and Himalayan Basins


Derek Whitworth, PhD

Derek Whitworth, PhD President Derek has been with the Institute since its founding.  Originally trained as a biochemist and then a chemical engineer he has worked on engineering projects in different countries in several industries from brewing to forestry.  Derek has had a long varied career examining ways that waste materials can be economically transformed to beneficial …

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Rash B. Ghosh, PhD

Rash B. Ghosh, PhD Founder Charles Townes Prof. of Water Chemistry Inventor of Hydrogramin Civil Rights Activist The founder of IIBHB earned his PhD from the University of Salford, Manchester in the United Kingdom, studying the hydrodynamics and ecology of the polluted Mersey River estuary and the Liverpool Bay. After this, he returned to the …

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As Drought Persists, 17 California Communities Almost Out Of Water

  Seventeen rural communities in drought-stricken California are in danger of a severe water shortage within four months, according to a list compiled by state officials. Wells are running dry or reservoirs are nearly empty in some communities. Others have long-running problems that predate the drought. The communities range from the area covered by the …

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