* Fourth Annual Townes and Tagore Seminar Program

Program from the Fourth Annual Townes and Tagore Seminar on the Global Water Crisis held at U.C.Berkeley on July 20, 2013

* Tagore and our Search for Solutions

Notes used by Professor Townes for his Keynote Address to our 2013 seminar

* Third Annual Townes and Tagore Seminar Booklet

Pamphlet includes 2012 seminar program, information about Dr. Townes and the IIBHB, and Professor Townes keynote speech, “What Science can and Should Do”

* HydroGramin Brochure

Sustainable development, environmentally friendly infrastructure, and a response to the global water crisis

* The Ram Mohan Roy Temple: A Sanctuary for All Faiths.

Promoting tolerance, understanding, mutual respect, and an intercultural exploration of the human spirit

* Dr. Ghosh, the IIBHB, and Clean Drinking Water

Our founder and his mission

* Technical Training to Develop a National Model For
Privately Owned Wells

Project Narrative Submitted to the US Environmental Protection Agency