The International Institute of the Bengal and Himalayan Basins

Fourth Annual Townes and Tagore Seminar Program
Program from the Fourth Annual Townes and Tagore Seminar on the Global Water Crisis held at U.C.Berkeley on July 20, 2013

Tagore and our Search for Solutions
Notes used by Professor Townes for his Keynote Address to our 2013 seminar

Third Annual Townes and Tagore Seminar Booklet
Pamphlet includes 2012 seminar program, information about Dr. Townes and the IIBHB, and Professor Townes keynote speech, "What Science can and Should Do"

The Ram Mohan Roy Temple: A Sanctuary for All Faiths.
Promoting tolerance, understanding, mutual respect, and an intercultural exploration of the human spirit

Dr. Ghosh, the IIBHB, and Clean Drinking Water
Our founder and his mission

Technical Training to Develop a National Model For
Privately Owned Wells 
Project Narrative Submitted to the US Environmental Protection Agency