The Hydrogramin Model: Water that Works for Everybody

A HydroGramin is a watershed management community which serves to provide the benefits of clean water, housing, nourishment, education, access to health care, a decent wage, and membership in a supportive community in exchange for a willingness to work within the HydroGramin community or on the common land. Membership is free for the poor; the only repayment expected is that members flourish.

The term “HydroGramin” is a combination of the Greek prefix, “hydro,” which means “water” and “gram,” the Bengali word for village. It consists of a complex of villages built around a reservoir, which has been constructed to recharge aquifers, to mitigate toxic pollution, and to provide sustainable, self-financing, and economically independent homes and communities for the poor and for those who are willing to contribute expertise or otherwise willing to support the cooperative. Click to download Hydrogramin Brochure